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International approach

Since we open doors for recruitment innovation in Portugal, in November 2018, dozens of smartest and most successful companies as: Amorim Cork, GO Work, CCA Ontier, PHC Software, Petrotec Group, Calzedonia, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Dellent Consulting, Armatis-lc Portugal, SIEMENS, Banco ATLANTICO Europa, Grupo Casais, Aubay, SYNERGIE, Helexia Energy , Tivoli Hotels & Resorts, Mobipium, Better People Consultants, Lankhorst Euronete Portugal, Manvia, Vortal, Smart Consulting, Libbey and others use Live Jobs - Video Interview Software® to design and automate all aspects of hiring throughout their organizations, helping them compete and win for top talent.

Live Jobs - Video Interview Software® is first and innovative Job Platform in Portugal using video technology to screen all cv´s, making more easy all your recruitment process. Using our CV TRACKING SYSTEM tool, recruiters can do easy and fast screening by VIDEO of all candidates and cv´s from all Job Platforms including Linkedin.


Step1: Add your Job Description and add all key questions

Step 2: Invite candidates (Add e-mails in Platform) , and them answer all questions by video in our Platform or APP

Step 3: Screening all video interview replies of your candidates

Step 4: Select and invite for personal interview just TOP candidates Simple, powerful and efficient! We believe screening candidates process should be effective and fun both for candidates and recruiters.

Our Platform allows:

- Recruitment process is 70% more faster;

- Your company can make all decisions more quickly;

- Time that recruiter misses analyzing traditional CVs and calling candidates for interviews decreases by more than 60%;

- Recruitment costs process can decrease by more than 80%;

- Recruiter's productivity increases 75%;

- Give feedback, comment and rate all candidates;

- Add user´s; - Advertising your Jobs ADS by video #videojobads

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